Most recently, along with our Curved Plywood products, we’ve also extended our product line into HDPE plastic parts that are specifically designed to cater to the automotive industry and the furniture manufacturing industry.

As a premier B2B supplier, we know just how much our customers rely on these components, and we’re proud to deliver quality with every product. Along with our small plastic components, we also craft HDPE components for boats, RVs, and campers. Soon, we will also launch our own line of outdoor kitchen cabinets, tables, and chairs that use UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene.

Machine components

Delrin is a clean, food-safe plastic perfect for use in conveyor lines and machine building.

FRV Loadout Cabinet

The FRV (First Responder Vehicle) loadout cabinet is an HDPE rack and load system custom-designed to fit the rear of a 2020 dodge Durango interceptor. Made in collaboration with the fire department, this cabinet not only fits a mound of gear into an easily accessible space, it can be easily decontaminated. This cabinet sits securely in the back, yet is mounted on slides so that it can be slid forward to access the vehicle compartments below.