Our Legacy

Every company that’s been in business for 40+ years has a legacy. Something they are known for and take pride in. Here at R.J. Woodworking, ours is problem solving and adaptability. Products change, needs evolve, and sometimes you don’t have the last kinks worked out of what you need, despite needing it soon. That’s where we shine.
We have a reputation with customers new and old. “If R.J. can’t figure out how to make it happen, it can’t be done.”

If you know what you want, but not how to get there, give us a call. Our team’s years of experience will help you engineer a solution, then produce that solution.

If you know how you want it done, we will gladly take on your product and make it exactly to your specifications, but don’t be surprised if you get the occasional “you said you wanted it stronger, have you considered this?” or “we found a new process that would give your product these options, would you like us to demonstrate them?”

We take pride in what we do, and we do it well. Let’s work together and build a legacy!

Who We Are

R.J. Woodworking is a dedicated B2B industrial supplier of wood and plastic-based components, case goods, tables, and more. From its beginnings as a custom woodworking shop, R.J. has evolved to be a supplier of the rest of the market. Our main product, is the parts of your product. We make what you need. You know your customers, we know how to build and innovate. Lets partner, and make your bottom line, as happy as your customers!


R.J. Starts the company

business started in 14 by 22 garage on side of house with box of tools given for Christmas and $100.


Building Completed

Robert Jr. solo constructed building in 458 days, not a single day off.


First CNC

bought first cnc; started mass producing office furniture parts



First thermoformer purchased, launched outdoor pool table line of products for AMF Playmaster



Seating Components

The product line was expanded to include seating components.


Industry Change

RJW Changed industries from custom casegoods and office furniture into Contract manufacturing


Proud of our Crew

Several RJ employees celebrate their 20+ year anniversaries.


2nd Generation

Paul Carter is promoted to C.O.O. and begins managing day to day operations