Hotels & Hospitality

Modern or traditional, custom and standard designs for your convention, banquet halls, and so much more. Select or design the furniture that best suits your unique purpose and style.Does your free continental breakfast nook need a self healing and bacteria resistant surface while maintaining the feel and design of the rest of your hotel? If so, let's talk Marmoluem®!

Do you cater to the nouveau or retro set? Perhaps your wine bar and lounge or fast food restaurant needs a clean shiny surface that will maintain it's beauty and is easy, durable and simple to clean. Have you thought about polished chrome bases and patterned laminates? What about Thermoform?

Is your environment a little more traditional? We can help. Hardwood edges, attention to detail, beautifully laid veneers with hand finished sheens, distinctive hardware.

Make a lasting impression:

▪ Dining tables
▪ Lounge & Occasional tables
▪ Credenzas
▪ Concierge desks
▪ Conference centers
▪ Lecterns
▪ Bookcases
▪ Audio/visual cabinets
▪ Desks
▪ Display cases
and More!

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